Leading Growth Firms: Expansion

Leading growth firms in Stage 5 dramatically expand the scale of their businesses. Now they increase the number of product lines, clients and markets, and commit to new product development and more diverse exports. A high-powered management team leads the company. In Stage 6, the firms are able to reinvent themselves and sustain long-term growth. Multiple product lines and markets allow the companies to compete. This is truly a time to grow towards threshold level. This Module will give you an overview of the changes successful CEOs make in Stages 5 and 6 to create diversified, stable corporations that can compete and survive.

Leading Growth Firms: The People Crunch

The People Crunch is one in a series of three courses on Six Stages of Growth in Leading Growth Firms. These fast-growing, innovative firms follow a rapid path of growth from start-up to threshold in less than a decade, with revenues increasing more than 50%. In stages 3 and 4, the leading growth firm has an established, successful product or product line. Now the CEO must build a management team to support production and meet client needs. Operations, management structure become priorities. In Stage 4, the CEOs take a critical look at their team and may search for new talent. As well, the CEOs consider new product development and new markets. This module will give you an overview of the challenges of Stages 3 and 4, and the demands on the CEOs as they lead their companies forward.