Marketing & Sales

Marketing and Customer Service

Marketing Basics

We will develop a working definition of marketing. We will illustrate that marketing is simply a process or set of activities whose goals are to provide goods and services to individuals. We will look at the notion of individual needs as the driving force behind marketing. We will also look at the notion that the entire process requires an exchange between individuals, one that focuses on buying and selling of goods and services. We will learn that marketing is a key function in business and an important one, whether in a planned economic system or in a market-driven economic system. We will then take marketing one step further to demonstrate its various areas of specialization, such as social marketing, the marketing of individuals, organizational marketing, and real property marketing.

Marketing Opportunities

We will examine three fundamental activities: Identifying opportunities; conducting market research; and understanding consumer behaviour. We will take a closer look at the process to seek out attractive opportunities that a corporation, an individual, or a non-profit organization would undertake. Once viable opportunities have been identified, they are then analyzed individually. This analysis is accomplished through market research. Through market research, we can profile our potential customers and segment them into groups. Finally, we will look at the notion of consumer behaviour and examine how needs and wants and buying behaviour can impact our marketing efforts.

Negotiating Skills For The Professional

An effective sales professional knows how to meet customer needs while assuring reasonable terms and profit for his or her own company. This course has techniques for identifying customer expectations and determining how to meet them in a way that both parties are satisfied by the results. There are checklists and discussion guidelines to help a sales professional master this essential communication skill.

The Marketing Mix